The pr2_navigation_self_filter package provides a node that filters hits on the robot's body out of geometry_msgs/PointCloud.msg messages and republishes them.

API Stability

Due to the fact that geometry_msgs/PointCloud.msg messages will soon be deprecated, the pr2_navigation_self_filter has no stable API. A new version of the node will be written and supported long term with the new PointCloud structure, but until the navigation stack moves to support the new PointCloud's this package will remain in pr2_navigation. Overall, you can use this package, but its at your own risk.

New In Indigo:

The pr2_navigation_self_filter package has been moved to the robot_self_filter package as it is no longer PR2 specific. It is hosted at https://github.com/pr2/robot_self_filter. This change will not fully go into affect until ROS Jade which the pr2_navigation_self_filter package will then be removed from the pr2_navigation metapackage. This means in Indigo, we will support both packages. In Hydro, there will be no relaese of robot_self_filter. Please see this link for discussion on the matter.

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