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Package Summary

sr_robot_msgs contains some messages used in the shadow_robot stack.

Messages Explained

This package contains messages specific to our packages. They are defined in a separate package to minimize the dependencies between packages. If you develop a node to interact with ours, most of the time, you only need to depend on this package (and not on sr_hand).

The main messages contained in this stack are:

  • joint: contains the important information regarding a joint: name, position, target, torque, motor temperature, motor current, as well as an error flag. This message is not used on its own, but is often the main components of the other messages.

  • joints_data: is being published , for example, on the shadowhand_data topic. It contains a table of all the joints in the robot.

  • sendupdate: is the message used to send a new target to the robot. It contains a table of joints. You can give any number of targets you want. Just specify the joint_name and joint_target in each joint you add (the other fields of the joint message are ignored). For more details, you can have a look at this tutorial.

  • contrlr: is used to specify new controller parameters for the robot PID loop.

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