rosnode command-line tool

The rosnode command-line tool displays information about ROS Nodes. The currently supported commands are:

rosnode info    print information about node
rosnode kill    kill a running node
rosnode list    list active nodes
rosnode machine list nodes running on a particular machine or list machines
rosnode ping    test connectivity to node
rosnode cleanup purge registration information of unreachable nodes

rosnode info

  • info <node-name>

    • Display information about a node, including publications and subscriptions.

      $ rosnode info /node_name

rosnode kill

IMPORTANT: rosnode kill is not guaranteed to succeed. If a node is hung or set to "respawn" in roslaunch, it may either fail to die or may quickly reappear.

  • kill <node-name>...

    • Kill one or more nodes by name.

      $ rosnode kill rosout add_two_ints_server


    • Interactive mode. This enables you to select which node to kill from a numbered list, which is useful for killing anonymous nodes.

      $ rosnode kill
      1. /rosout
      Please enter the number of the node you wish to kill.

    kill -a, kill --all

    • Kill all nodes.

rosnode list

  • list

    • Display a list of current nodes.

      $ rosnode list

    list <namespace>

    • Display a list of current nodes inside /namespace.

      $ rosnode list /my_ns

    list -u

    • List XML-RPC URIs of current nodes.

      $ rosnode list -u

    list -a, list --all

    • List name and XML-RPC URIs (all info) of current nodes.

      $ rosnode list -a

rosnode machine

  • machine <machine-name>

    • List nodes running on a particular machine.

      $ rosnode machine ninja.local

New in Fuerte

  • machine

    • List all machines

rosnode ping

  • ping <node-name>

    • Ping a node repeatedly.

      $ rosnode ping /node_name

    ping --all

    • Ping all nodes. This option cannot be used with -c.

      $ rosnode ping --all

      ROS 0.11: -a may also be used.

    ping -c COUNT

    • Ping a node COUNT times. This option cannot be used with --all.

      $ rosnode ping -c 4 rosout
      rosnode: node is [/rosout]
      pinging /rosout with a timeout of 3.0s
      xmlrpc reply from http://ann:46635/     time=1.195908ms
      xmlrpc reply from http://ann:46635/     time=1.123905ms
      xmlrpc reply from http://ann:46635/     time=1.144886ms
      xmlrpc reply from http://ann:46635/     time=1.137018ms
      ping average: 1.150429ms

rosnode cleanup

IMPORTANT: rosnode cleanup was meant as a temporary solution and its use was not encouraged in normal operation. Its benefit is aesthetic and it has the downside of potentially unregistering functioning nodes. Relevant discussion.

  • cleanup

    • Purge the registration of any node that cannot be contacted immediately. Prints list of unreachable nodes which has to be confirmed.

      $ rosnode cleanup


rosnode is a stable command-line tool within the ROS core toolchain. No major feature development is currently scheduled for this tool.

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