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rqt_console provides a GUI plugin for displaying and filtering ROS messages.

rqt_console sample snapshot


rqt_console is a viewer in the rqt package that displays messages being published to rosout. It collects messages over time, and lets you view them in more detail, as well as allowing you to filter messages by various means.

Sending messages to rqt_console is done differently in each client library: C++, Python


Assuming you have ROS installed, you can invoke rqt_console by just typing:


Message List

The list view shows all of the messages, updating in real time as they arrive. The list displays all the information in the roslib/Log message broadcast on rosout:

  • Message

    • The message specified by the user, e.g. in the screenshot above "hello world..."


    • The severity level of the message, e.g. Debug, Info, etc.


    • The name of the node which broadcast the message


    • The time at which the message was broadcast


    • The topics advertised by the node broadcasting the message


    • Combines the file, function and line using colons, e.g. /u/jfaust/ros/base/pkgs/ros_tutorials/roscpp_tutorials/talker/talker.cpp:main:92

There are two operations you can use on the items in the list. A double click will bring up all the information about that message in a separate box.

A right click will pop up a menu allowing you to filter the list based on some aspect of the selected message

Filtering methods

You can filter the message list in two ways, by exclude filter and highlight filter.

!Entry Incomplete.



Filtering types








See the rospy_tutorials/Tutorials/Logging page. It will help you use rosout to publish error, info and debug messages and view them in rqt_console.

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